MOYA fotografx


Photography is the window to the heart!.

My passion for photography is my livelihood.  I'm inspired by the uniqueness of people and sharing this experience. As an educator of photography, the opportunity to enrich a student's knowledge of our medium has added a new dimension to my visual perception.

Creative vision, style, bold imagery
These are words that describe my work. I use light and space to capture the true essence of a subject. When I do, I bring to life qualities often ignored by other photographers.

My diverse style of photography with over 30 years of commercial experience is recognized for my detail to quality. My personality helps bring out the depth of my subjects. My experience with corporate publicity,  promotional collateral, and editorial interpretation is expressed in both my still and cinematic work.

Photography is a personal statement. It speaks to each of us in different ways.  Whether it's a corporate event, commercial headshot or editorial series my photography is always unique and fresh.

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